Fiscal services - Austria

The EFSTA system meets the requirements of the Cash Register Security Regulation “Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung” (RKSV).

  • Management of the accumulation memory
  • Keeping the signature journal (data recording protocol according to §7 RKSV – "DEP7")
  • Generation of event log for business case processing (if required)
  • Generation of master data log (if required)
  • Export data recording protocol (local and from EFSTA cloud)
  • automatic cash register registration in FinanzOnline (FON)
  • automatic creation of monthly receipts
  • automatic creation of yearly receipts and check
  • automatic reporting to FinanzOnline (reporting of broken signature devices and reactivation)
  • several signature creation devices
    • Smart Card
    • EFSTA SignServer
    • RemoteSigning (HSM) Hosted
    • HSM OnPremise
  • Open platform Node.js ® (Microsoft, Linux, Apple Mac OS, Epson TM T88VI iHub) TM

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Fiscal requirements overview

Tax reform law 2016

Significant changes at the Austrian Federal Tax Code (BAO) have been decided. Changes related to the fiscalization of electronic recording systems:

  • Mandatory use of cash registers from 01/01/2016 (§ 131b BAO) on
    • After reaching a defined revenue and cash incomes, companies have to use electronic recording systems. Cash incomes are defined as payments by cash, revenues by debit – and credit card or other comparable funds.

  • Receipts must be handed over to the customer (01/01/2016) lt. § 132a BAO
    • A receipt must be created by the electronic recording system and must be handed over to the customer. The receipt must be accepted by the customer and taken from the shop.

  • Protection of manipulation by a technical security device – from 04/01/2017 (§ 131b Abs2, 4 BAO)

  • The Federal Minister of Finance is authorized to issue ordinances on the details of the technical safety equipment.
    • Specifications and details of the technical safety equipment are specified by the Federal Minister of Finance in the Registrierkassensicherheitsverordnung (Ordinance on the Safety of Cash Registers).



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