Fiscal services - Croatia

  • EFSTA system ist complience for the cash fiscalization act in Croatia
  • handling of communiction certificates
  • transission of transaction data to the fiscal administration
  • response time handling (OK, Error-Code,...)
  • offline procedure (f.e. resending data when response time is exceeded within 48 hours and creating of a signature-code)
  • response forwarding to POS (inkl. JIR)
  • processing ZKI
  • Storage of transaction data (locally and from EFSTA cloud)
  • Open platform Node.js ® (Microsoft, Linux, Apple Mac OS) TM

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Fiscal requirements overview

2013 Croatia started the online-fiscalisation-system. All receipts/transactions are sent via internet to the Croatien finance administration (CIS-System).
Part of the system is a verification feature that allows customers to verify that the received document has been correctly transferred from the merchant to the tax authority.

The tax-ID of the cashier also has to be captured on the receipts and sent to the finance administration.
This data is used for controlling the working hours of the staff.

Furthermore, the business premises have to be registrated at the finance administration. Modifications must be notified within a specified period.

  • Each company gets an unique (communiction-) certificate for authentization to the CIS-System (data signing)
  • Data must be resent within two days in offline szenario.



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