Fiscal services - Germany

EFSTA provides all necessary procedures accourding to the Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassenSichV) 2020.

  • Certified GoBD Export (locally and from the cloud archive)
  • Technical safety device (TSE) regardless of manufacturer
  • TSE Backup
  • Offline mode – uninterruptible use in case of TSE failure
  • Certificate will be automatically stored
  • Various possibilities for crypto-hardware
    • Local TSE
    • Single TSE Clustering at the local LAN
    • Server based TSE
  • Open platform Node.js ® (Microsoft, Linux, Apple Mac OS, Epson TM T88VI iHub) TM
  • Compliance with legal retention requirements (journal local or in the cloud)

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Siegel Kassen Zertifikat efsta

Fiscal requirements overview

The German Parliament passed the law of protection of digital recorded data on December 28th, 2016, with the aim to make manipulation of this recorded data in hindsight.

Essential elements of the law are:

the regulation of accounting and records by electronic recording systems
  • transactions must be made singularly, completely, correctly, on time and in an orderly manner (obligation to keep individual records)
  • revenue and expenditure must be recorded dailyten
To prove the correctness of the basic digital recording, a certified technical safety device must be used.



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