Fiscal services - Italy

  • EFSTA solution - compliance with Registratore Telematico (RT)
  • Multi-mode connection (Misuratore Fiscale & Registratore Telematico) incl. auto switch
  • Multi-Tax Mapping
  • EFR prints fiscal and non-fiscal receipts
  • Interface to RT-printers (EPSON)
  • Interface to Server-RT
  • Certification support for Server-RT
  • Storage of transaction data (locally and from EFSTA cloud)
  • Platform-open Node.js® (Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OS)

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Fiscal requirements - overview

Fiscal regulations Italy

1983 - Misuratore Fiscale (Law 1983-18)
Enterprises have to use a certified fiscalized POS system
A receipt must be created by the electronic recording system and must be handed over to the customer.
Certified components (memory,...) directly integrated in printers

2004 - change in the law
Exception to Misuratore Fiscale for certain businesses
No use of a certified cash register system necessary, therefore
daily financial statements (z-reports) must be periodically transmitted in digital form to the tax authorities (Agenzia Entrate)

2015 - Registratore Telematico and Server Registratore Telematico(Law 2015-127)
Requires the use of a certified fiscal cash register system
Registratore Telematico - Implementation as RT-capable fiscal printer (RT printer)
Server Registratore Telematico - Implementation as RT-capable fiscal printer with server function or as black box (server RT)



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