Fiscal services - Slovenia

  • EFSTA System – Compliance for the Tax Invoice Certification by Tax Office Act (ZDavPR)
  • Administration of internals – information on business premises (permanent establishments)
  • Compulsory registration of permanent establishment
  • Administration of communication certificates
  • Authentication of the data
  • Sending transaction data to the finance
  • Response-Handling (OK, Error-Code,…)
  • Offline procedure (exceeding the response time: creation of signature-codes and resending of data within 48 hours)
  • Response-Forwarding to the POS-System
  • Processing MD5 code (basis for QR-code)
  • Saving transaction data (locally and EFSTA-Cloud)
  • Open platform Node.js ® (Microsoft, Linux, Apple Mac OS) TM

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Fiscal requirements overview

Since 01.01.2016, Slovenia has had the Act on Tax Invoice Certification by the Tax Office (ZDavPR) in force.

Taxable businesses have to…
  • use an electronic recording system to issue invoices/receipts

  • that is able to create a digital signature for invoices/receipts

  • to create a digital signature for the communication with fiscal authorities

  • save copies of every bill/invoice/receipt



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