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As announced in the last half of 2018, changes to the fiscal law are also imminent in Italy in 2019.

A brief review:

1983 Introduction of ""Misuratore Fiscale"" - certified cash registers (fiscal cash registers) with the law 1983-18. These are used to date in the most different forms by many companies, e.g. certified module in printers ""fiscal printers"". In many cases, the fiscal cash register is addressed via previous systems (software cash register systems, POS systems,...). Document information is stored in the fiscal module of the printer which can be read out by the tax authorities.

2004 Creation of an exception for larger trading companies. This provided that turnover data could be periodically transferred directly from e.g. ERP systems to Agencia Entrate without having to use a fiscal cash register.

2015 presentation of ""Registratore Telematico"" - daily online transmission of daily financial statements (z-reports) to Agenzia Entrate via certified cash registers. Here, a certified cash register serves as the platform, which has a module for online data transfer to Agenza Entrate. Some older fiscal cash registers can be retrofitted with a corresponding RT module.

This year, the Italian tax authorities have decided to standardize fiscalisation:

1. end of the 2004 exemption with effect from 31.12.2018. This means that from 01.01.2019 all companies must use certified cash registers - either ""Misuratore Fiscale"" or ""Registratore Telematico"". Note: according to previously unconfirmed reports, the exception may still be used until 30.06.2019].
2. end ""Misuratore Fiscale"" with effectiveness 30.06.2019. From this point on all systems have to be converted to ""Registratore Telematico"". The changeover - for example for printers already equipped with an RT module - may only take place on 01.07.2019.

Contact your Italian fiscal partner to find out whether it is possible to retrofit an RT module with your hardware.

The implementation of the RT functions was completed on our part and published in EFR version 1.8.3 (pre-releases available on request).

Since the Italian tax authorities have reserved the right to make changes to the RT system until March 2019, we recommend a changeover as of 01.07.2019.